Working just to pay the bills to living a $1500 a month lifestyle working 3 hours a day in paradise

Natalie lives on the beautiful island of Bali, teaching English to children in China. After college, she decided to say no to the busy American hustle of long hours at a regular job and rush hour traffic, leaving no time to spend doing the things she loved. Now, with the flexibility of her teaching job, Natalie works only three hours a day and lives her life at a leisurely pace.

With future plans of becoming a life coach, Natalie has some words of encouragement for those who are contemplating a work-at-home career.

Listen in to hear all about Natalie’s amazing story!

Read the transcript of The Work-at-Home Heroes podcast Episode 10 here.

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  • Caitlin Pyle
    Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to join us in our dedicated thread at Work-At-Home Heroes:
  • Samuel Lewis
    Caitlin--I don't know if you believe in God (no offense meant--I just don't know you) but each time I really have a yearning, you just pop up with what I am looking for--like the Work at Home school idea. If you are not some kind of incognito angel, then maybe God is employing you and you don't even know. Where do I find info on WAHS that I can forward to friends of mine who might be interested--info like when the next session starts etc.? Also, please, where can I find Natalie's (the Bali English teacher) e-mail address?. I have some questions that I would like to pose to her. Thanks
  • Caitlin Pyle
    Hey, Samuel! So glad you're enjoying the info! You can sign up for updates at Please email us at for any other questions. :)

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