What is “ABUSE”?

Abuse has the same root as the word “abnormal” … “ab.”

Which means improper.


improper use.

You’re being used.

Which is improper in itself… but yeah, that’s what the VERB
“abuse” means.

If you’re being abused, you’re:
— being taken advantage of
— being neglected
— being guilted into sex
— being given diseases and blamed for them
— being fear mongered
— being ignored altogether
— living in fear of false realities
— being gaslighted (told you believe lies about your reality and manipulated into questioning your own sanity)
— financially under someone else’s total control
— being used as a sympathy object to make family members and friends side with your abuser
— being used as a subject to downplay an abuser’s own shortcomings; i.e. the abuser emails your friends and family to tell them you have a mental illness and that they’re in charge of managing it and that they do not need help
— being USED in any way to make someone appear like a better person…

… you’re being ab-used.


And it’s not okay.

It’s not your fault, but your reaction is totally under your control.

You DO NOT have to allow abusive people into your life.

YOU CAN GET HELP to make them stay away from you.

YOU CAN get back what is rightfully yours.

“YOU CAN.” — quote from my new book, Work At Home, hitting bookstores everywhere April 9, 2019… available for preorder on Amazon NOW!


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