The Truth About John Forbes Nash, Jr.’s Beautiful Life and Mind

What happened to John Forbes Nash, Jr. (“A Beautiful Mind”) IS NOT as we’ve been taught.
John Forbes Nash, Jr. was not JUST an American mathematician who made fundamental contributions to game theory, differential geometry, and the study of partial differential equations.
He was a witness to higher dimensions in the spiritual world.
John was gifted with a mind that could make connections in the field of mathematics faster than just about anyone else.
He could, as a result, process the complexity of the existence of other dimensions.
The veil between this physical world and the spiritual one had holes in it for John. He could perceive it, but he existed himself only physically so could not fully “be” there with his full self.
He saw and spoke with REAL beings — and was treated as if he had schizophrenia because the other beings existed in a dimension not visible to average people.
These beings did not exist only in Nash’s mind.
I — and as it turns out, many, MANY others — believe that schizophrenia is a condition that was invented by governing bodies — not by God.
It is not a real condition; it is only a manmade theory — a guess, a plausible and easy-to-digest explanation for a group of behaviors people called “scholars” decided to call “symptoms” of something “wrong.”
There are real, nonphysical explanations for what happened to John — and for what has happened to me 🙂
Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean nothing is there.
Can you see oxygen? Atoms? Love?
Can you FEEL oxygen? Love?
The world — the universe is far larger than our five senses can tell us.
In fact, the “fact” that we have only five senses isn’t even true.
(Do some research on the pineal gland — the sixth sense.)
Just because your friend can see or feel or know something is real when YOU can’t see or feel or know that something… does NOT MEAN that that something your friend perceives isn’t real.
All it means is that YOU don’t perceive it.
You cannot see light, for example.
It is BECAUSE OF LIGHT that you can see.
We cannot see love, for example.
IT IS BECAUSE OF LOVE that we all exist.
Humans are not the end-all, be-all in the universe. We are so far from alone it is not even funny.
I will leave you with one of my favorite math problems… equations; whatever you want to call it.
I just want to do some math because John Nash was awesome and so worth celebrating. I know now that he’s on the other side he knows how crazy everybody was back when they drugged him instead of trying harder to understand him.
If love = a thing, and God = omniscient knower of all things, and God = omnipresent being in all places and God = almighty dreamer and creator of all things…
then does God = Love?
If we find love, have we found God?
And if God = love, then…
… is love truly the solution to everything… and not just the theory of everything?
Does LOVE (“God”) hold everything in the universe together?
Yes, it does.


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