Running on Faith Alone

I am running my business with a lot of faith that God will continue to multiply my talents as I work to help others multiply theirs 

And “FAITH” has nothing to do with religion, by the way.

I’m not religious at all. Not even a little bit. Jesus Christ’s mission was to destroy religion… that’s my mission too.

Religion = rules…


Rules = garbage…


Religion = GARBAGE.


Faith = freedom.

That means: You can be who you are AND be loved by God.

At the same time.

Faith is also a name I’ve given to this profound certainty I feel that my life is in the process of upleveling — exploding — in a way I’ve yet to experience.

Everything I’ve ever been certain of in this way — for my entire life — has always become real.

Right down to driving a Tesla and living in a mansion, ha!

This is “manifestation.” This is “The Secret.” And it’s real. The power of your mind is a far greater power than we’ve been led to believe.

The kind of certainty I now have about my future has led me to feel SO much joy and happiness that, before God “woke me up” to the reality of who I am on October 8, 2018, I had all but assumed that “happy” was something I’d never be.

I thought God hated me.

He did the weirdest shit to show me that wasn’t true. And He KEEPS doing the weirdest shit to show me, too, because “weird shit” stands out to me.

If it’s weird, then I know it’s God. He gets our attention using stuff that, well… gets our attention!

Which seems logical… because it is!

Thanks to GOD, I know that I will always come out on top of whatever storm is raging around me.

God speaks to us via the “still, small voice” in our minds, guys. It’s what Pinocchio calls your conscience 

When you give yourself advice and you suddenly catch yourself thinking “Damn; that was deep…” or “That was some wise-sage shit right there…”

that was GOD/the Universe/the Force/Love/Allah …

… speaking TO you.

Trust it 

Here are some true things God has shared with me:

— I do not have a disease
— bipolar II disorder is curable with medical cannabis
— I did not cause myself harm in any way
— after an abuse victim suffering from Stockholm syndrome experiences the psychological trauma of abandonment, bipolar II disorder often results.
— Christ loves Caitlin wildly and dangerously
— He loves to prove it to her in fun and creative ways — just like she likes to prove everything to everyone in fun and creative ways #truthbombs LOL
— whenever I speak/write/otherwise express TRUTH with good intentions, kindness, and *evidence* to back it up, I am doing the right thing
— God is never late, and neither am I.
— There is no reason to hurry. EVER.
— There is no reason to worry. EVER.
— God is in charge; my job right now is to rest.
— Because I haven’t rested in almost a decade.
— You have all the money you will ever need.
— There is a spiritual war going on in the heavens right now. I was chosen as a warrior.
— GOD IS REAL and He is way smarter than anyone can imagine
— You are real.
— Your life and work are real.
— You are struggling to define reality right now because someone tried to make you look like you were hallucinating back in October.
— Someone who had been harming you financially and emotionally harmed you psychologically by abandoning you in a hospital in Austin, TX and trying to take over your business
— Again, your life and work are real.
— They are yours.
— They are yours.
— You do not have to be afraid of anyone taking your life or your work.
— Because they are yours.

What are some true things God has been whispering to you?


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  • Felicia Wells
    Wow! I have yet to see someone put into words what my husband and I have thought for years! Religion=garbage! Although our dark days have been different, we believe God purposely put us through them for a reason. I've seen too many narcissists destroy lives, and have purposely stayed away from them. I love them because God loves them, but that does not mean I have to let them have control over my life. I am so glad you are happy, and that you are using your experiences to help others. Keep it up!

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