Rising from poverty to create her own English language & editing agency

Alys Sink previously worked as a proposal analyst before losing that position in the 2013 government shutdown. Fed up with the recession job market, she started her own online consultancy business that same year.

Sink cites poverty as being a great teacher, saying she learned a lot about how to be adaptable and comfortable with difficult situations and people.

She is now the owner and director of an online English language tutoring service and editing agency that serves a wide demographic of professionals from all across the world. Find out more about her story in this episode.

Read the transcript of The Work-at-Home Heroes podcast Episode 21 here.

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  • Claudia L White
    Well done Alys! This is so similar to my story. I am so tired now of sending out resumes that I have decided that I need to start my own business by the end of this year or by the first quarter of 2019. I am currently at a comma and grammar trauma chasms with the general transcriptionist course at Transcribe Anywhere but I am not giving up. I too want to get to the point where one day I can employ persons and pay them proper salaries and benefits. Continued success to you Alys!
  • Caitlin Pyle
    Thanks for listening, Claudia! I know Alys appreciates that her story resonated with you. Best wishes to you! :)

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