Leveraging employee door-to-door sales skills to build an online business of your own!

A native of Bangladesh, Shibga is a great example that hard work and determination can change your life for the better. After selling life insurance door to door, he was introduced to search engine optimization and quickly realized he could help businesses make better use of this tool. Today, after less than a year, Shibga […]

Building beautiful, elegant, functional websites for a mix of clients all from home!

Mark Rasmussen has worked for fifteen years as a writer and journalist, having written in sports, music, travel, and much more. About ten years ago, Mark jumped on the opportunity of helping businesses establish an online presence and now, in addition to writing, does web development and copywriting for clients all around the world. Mark […]

Freelance actress and artist, turned accounting firm business owner for creatives

Katherine Pomerantz runs a virtual accounting firm and money mentor business for creative entrepreneurs. Pomerantz said that “it took a long time” to find the people that she fit with the most, to serve in her business. She’s passionate and driven, and certainly doesn’t take no for an answer. Katherine creates her own work! By […]

From driving IN traffic, to driving traffic on YouTube, with no prior video experience

Rick August, Ph.D., is a single dad with two children. In his late 30s, he returned to university and earned a doctorate degree. After five years working 60 to 80 hours a week as a professor, he realized he’d become what world-renowned financial expert Robert Kiyosaki dubbed “the educated poor.” After a decade, August reluctantly […]

From a career in the entertainment industry to passionate entrepreneur/blogger

After seeing friends working in the entertainment industry limited and needing to survive waiting tables to support their passions, Adrienne Luedeking launched a business proofreading for court reporters to support herself. She discovered a passion for entrepreneurship and started another business: Fruitfully Alive, a blog that helps millennials create their dream life.