6 Months in, This Mom of 3 Earned 7x Her Investment: Joanna’s Story

Joanna Bradley is a marketing professional and full-time working mother of three. Working from home appealed to her, but she was convinced that she would never be able to realize it. After hearing about Work-At-Home School, Bradley’s husband saw her desire and agreed to her enrolling. Within six months, Joanna was running her own business […]

3 months in averaging $3K per month with FBA

Justin Thomas graduated the University of Nebraska in May 2017. As soon as he was done, he had a full-time job lined up. Thomas immediately realized that the 9-5 was not for him. He knew there must be an alternative, so he scoured the internet to find what he was looking for. After extensive research, […]

Niching down to scientific proofreading/copyediting

Melissa Kreikemeier started out as a forensic scientist which led to becoming a science teacher. After her third year of teaching, Kreikemeier became very frustrated with her employer, saying “I loved the work and my students, but it was not a positive work environment.” So she set out to find something she could do for […]

Making it happen, life is too short not to

Emily Milsom works remotely for a company called Tribal Impact helping other companies improve their employee advocacy programs. Emily always felt like there was something missing, so during her regular 9-5 she started a business selling vintage homewares. Although she loved the business she created, Milsom decided to call it quits, take her flexible lifestyle […]

100% organic growth to $3k per month

Kevin Meng grew his freelance business 100% organically not using any freelancer websites when he was starting out, at least none that actually gave him any return. Getting into content writing took about a year as a side hustle after Meng started teaching English in Prague. The traction started when Meng reached out to a […]

Figure it out as you go & pivot to find the right fit

Karrie Stringer had no plan for what she wanted to actually do with her life. She just wanted to do work that she enjoyed and get paid for it. Before she worked for herself, politics had overtaken good sense in her corporate workplace, and instead of working from 6am to 11pm for a few weeks […]

Heal your work life, build your business!

May Flam found herself constantly complaining to her husband, friends, and family about her work drama. She claims, “They were as exhausted as I was.” Since quitting her draining, abusive job, sooner than she thought, Flam’s life has improved tremendously. Embracing her strengths of empowering people to make changes in their own lives, Flam worked […]

Not just an admin! How to turn it into a profitable business

Korryn Haines had a triple whammy of life events in 2014 – her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she was made redundant from her long-term manager role, and she found out she was pregnant. A chance connection through a networking group with an old boss informed Haines her skill set was being wasted doing […]

Turn your pain into passion & PROFIT

Paula Burgess’ son has an ADHD diagnosis, he had been expelled from yet another daycare, and Burgess knew in that moment she would need to support him when he went to school. She started a virtual assistant business so she could be available for her son. Once established, Burgess felt even more pressure with balancing […]