Overcoming HUGE family obstacles and PTSD to coaching and creating a course to help freelance writers start from scratch

Abbi Perets is a mom of five children (one with special needs) and a freelance writer.

Perets was loving life as a freelancer and raising her children when she received the worst news a mother could hear: one of her children was sick, really sick.

Massively depressed, struggling with PTSD, and majorly overwhelmed, Perets started working for someone else to supplement her income after her child recovered. She hated it. Fast forward to now, Perets coaches and runs a signature course from her own blog helping moms take control of their financial future by becoming freelance writers.

Read the transcript of The Work-at-Home Heroes podcast Episode 12 here.

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  • Mercyline Maina
    Thanks Caitlin for that uplifting podcast. When I tell people I work from home they usually tell me when they hear of job openings in their offices they sure will inform me. they assume that WAH is not work. Sometimes I just don't pay attention to what they say but carry on with my dream. I'm in to transcription and when listening to the podcast I click on the transcription to learn the style, very informative and professional.
  • Caitlin Pyle
    So glad you enjoyed it, Mercyline! Some people just don't understand. You keep doing what you're doing. :)
  • Claudia L White
    Congrats Abbi! I wish I was so brave at 18 years old. However, I have put that behind me now and know that I have to become self-employed. I am almost 48 years old, and every company in my country (Trinidad and Tobago) seems to have restructured to only cater for the youths. The few persons that I have told about going into transcribing, I 've gotten some positive and some negative feedback. The negative feedback has always been about can you live on that income. Many persons are still in the "MINDSET" that you are only successful when you earn a lot of money, spend like crazy and be in a crazy debt situation. Continued success to you and Caitlin!
  • Caitlin Pyle
    Thanks so much for sharing your story, Claudia! Sounds like you're on a good path that works for you. Ignore the naysayers and keep doing what you believe in! :)

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