I came from a triple-wide trailer in the middle of nowhere.

In 2011, I created a terrible ebook about proofreading because friends and acquaintances wanted to know how I was making money proofreading.

People kept asking more questions, and so I started the (now stellar) course Proofread Anywhere to answer those questions and help other people make money through proofreading, too.

Through my hard work, I became a multimillionaire in four years.

And yet... I wasn’t happy. I realized I had been living in fear. 

In fact, I lived the first 31 years of my life in fear.

Fear of what others thought of me.

Fear of what might go wrong.

Fear of not being enough.

Fear of being too much.  

And then one day, after being told by my husband that he wanted a divorce, I woke up and decided I didn’t want to be afraid anymore. 

I decided I wanted to be happy. 

Less than a month later, my husband and three friends brought me to the hospital to “run some tests.” 

And then he left me there, and I was put in a mental hospital. 

He tried to make me a silent partner in the business that I had built. 

All because I was happy. 

And for the first time in my life, I wasn’t afraid to be happy.  

Everyone kept telling me how concerned and worried they were about me. 

Why? Because I’m more productive than ever? 

Because I don’t give AF what strangers on the internet think of me? 

Because I think I’m here for more than making money? 

Because I want to give my money -- the money I worked my ass off for over the past four years from the company I built from scratch -- to help people who are in desperate need of food, water, and safety? 

Because I’m fully enjoying my life? 

I believe I am here for more than just money. 

I believe I’m here to help others live in the fullness of love, joy, and peace. I believe I’m here to make a difference in the world. 

So that’s what I’m doing. 

I’m going to talk about things that matter, and I hope you’ll join me.