Love, Money, and Karma

Saturday morning wisdom and thoughts on love (and KARMA) 

If you’re in a relationship where you’re earning all the money, but your partner hides it from you and does not allow you full access to the money you have earned …

… it does not matter how nice your partner seems…

… it does not matter how noble/upright your partner acts or sounds in public…

… it does not matter how innocent your partner claims to be.

If you are EVER in a relationship where you do not have FULL and unbridled access to ALL of your money at ALL times, you are being financially abused.

Hiding/stealing your wife’s money so she can’t get to it when she wants/needs it… is abuse.

Further, if you discover that your spouse consistently deposits big company checks into accounts belonging only to him- or herself without your knowledge…

… your partner is stealing from your business.

And I’m gonna tell you something counterintuitive here…

… let him or her steal.

LET your spouse steal from you.

Let it happen.

The law makes it legal for criminal minds to steal from hard-working people who deserve every penny they have.

The law makes it easy for evil, do-nothing, incompetent people to take advantage of people who are doing what is right and good in the world.

While the laws force you to give your spouse 50% of what you have just because you believed in love enough to sign a piece of paper promising to give another person everything you had…

… money is NOT everything you have 

There is so much your spouse cannot steal from you in a divorce:

– your joy
– your happiness
– your purpose
– your intellectual property
– your name and what you’ve built on it
– the RESULTS you’ve helped people attain
– your reputation

AND… GOD is so far above the ridiculousness that is human law — and He works ALL THINGS for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

He looks at the heart.

What is the intent behind a spouse stealing all of his wife’s money? God knows that.

What is the intent in a spouse turning his entire family against his wife? God knows that too.

ALL PRAISE TO GOD that I can so easily walk away from gobs of money — more than $1M — with the knowledge and ease and comfort of knowing that IT IS JUST MONEY.

The balance of my bank account does not define me.

I define me.

I know exactly how to earn any money I choose to walk away from. I wrote a book on it. Literally 

An earthly divorce is a paltry struggle in comparison to the WAR that is happening in the universe that human eyes cannot [yet] see.

The war to end all evil.

God thinks bigger than money; I think bigger than money.

Money is not my god.

That is what makes it so easy to give away money.

Money is literally worth nothing; it only has worth because not enough people have figured out it’s worthless yet 😂

The financial system will collapse very soon, and many people who only have money… will suddenly have nothing.


An overnight loss in massive “wealth” will devastate many.

For those who have schemed and scrounged and stolen money from others to survive… it will be especially devastating.

There are so many people who think money is all that matters… that you have to have money to change the world… and it’s just not true.

What you need is a heart. Love.

LOVE is the only fuel that fuels itself. The more love you give, the more love you receive in return. Never in the way you expect, either… always something way, way better.

That’s karma. The more you give, the more you get back.

That is why I choose to give away love and lots of money 

So whatever you do… do it because of LOVE — not because of money.

Make your life and business out of so much love that somebody walks away with most of your money, you don’t panic at all.

From love grows peace.

And that is the peace of God that transcends all human understanding.



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