Legally Avoiding Taxes by Donating Company Profits

My life and work are the same now.

That’s what it feels like to have faith, for me.

Unwavering certainty that every dream you have — and every desire of your heart — will come true at just the right time.

Looking back at these memories helps me remember who I am — and who I’ve been becoming for what feels like many lifetimes.

If you’ve ever read The Alchemist, then you’ll get this next reference: I am arising to become the “hero inside” in 2019.

I was put on Earth to play a _major_ role in saving it.

HUMANS are killing the Earth… and HUMANS are killing and harming so many innocent lives (animals and other humans).

I am a human who is not okay with ANY of that.

And I am willing to take just about any risk to further my mission. It’s worth it to me. Earth is my HOME, y’all. It is not crazy or “maniacal” to want to devote my life to saving it.

Proofread Anywhere and Work-At-Home School are here to stay. Caitlin Pyle.Co is also here to stay.

The only thing that is changing is where our profits go.

As the founder of my companies, I get to decide where its profits go.

As little as possible will be going to the IRS.

My team and I will be taken care of; we’ll be investing back into the business as well so we can generate more revenue to generate even more profit that we can donate.

My goal is not to become a hobo; I want to live a fantastic life.

I want my team to LOVE working with me — so I am planning a massive team retreat this spring.

I want to fly by private jet only from now on, so I am starting a new private-pilot consulting business that will allow me to do that.

The goal is to NOT finance the war by paying taxes. That is all.

Business tax is paid on profit… and I don’t want profit, so I will make sure all of my money is working for me/my team/my business or the Earth in some way at all times.

There is nothing illegal — and certainly nothing immoral — at all, about doing business this way.


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