How 60 seconds of insane courage and one decision changed this (now) work-at-home hero’s life

This is a special WAHH veteran episode from Trish Springsteen who has been working at home for 10 years. Springsteen is a multi-international award-winning speaker, mentor, international bestselling author, and radio host specializing in speaker training. Springsteen helps businesses gain leverage with speaking and communication. She believes that when you believe, act, and share, you become empowered to build your own foundation for success. In this episode, Springsteen talks about stepping out of our comfort zones and pushing ourselves to grow in confidence and self belief. If you think you’re too old to work at home, think again!

Read the transcript of The Work-at-Home Heroes podcast Episode 22 here.

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  • Patty Williams
    How much is it to start.
  • Caitlin Pyle
    Hi, Patty! Please follow the mentioned threads and other helpful links for more info. :)
  • Claudia L White
    Congrats Trish! I love your comment about how people see success as only when you make a lot of money. Based on the harsh economic situation in my country, it has forced me to change my mindset. I definitely have gotten the courage now to really step out there. Doing what you like is really more important than making lots of money. I love the fact that you did not make age an issue. I don't know you personally Trish but your style of working is just what I am aiming for. I too am an introvert and like to work in the afternoon. I don't mind getting up at 9 am and working until 3 am in the morning. I think that I should start doing a physical list. I tend to have things in my head, and I think this allows me at times to make an excuse when I don't realize a target. Thanks for sharing Trish!
  • Caitlin Pyle
    Thanks so much for listening, Claudia! :)

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