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Hi! I'm Caitlin Pyle.

I'm a former freelancer turned multimillion-dollar business owner. In 2014 I started my first blog, Proofread Anywhere, which has since grown into multiple brands and products and is now part of my media company, BCP Media. In May 2017, my husband and I officially achieved millionaire status -- this means we have saved up more than one million dollars in assets.

One of my favorite things to do is write. For the first few years of my entrepreneur life, I boxed myself in and wrote almost exclusively about proofreading and freelancing -- because I believed that's all people wanted from me! 

Now I'm coming out of my shell to write about LOADS of other stuff: mindset; fitness; overcoming fear and doubt; success; making, saving, and spending MONEY; and building an online business.

My goal is to inspire you, kick you swiftly in the pants on occasion, and encourage you to design a life you love -- one email at a time.

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Mistakes I Make

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  • my big screw-up this week... and what we can learn from it
  • what my ugly feet can teach you about making money
  • skills, confidence, and clients*
  • Confessions of a Whiner (Hint: It's me.) 
  • Why I said, "a higher IQ would be nice..." seven years ago today
  • a fool-proof way to make extra money (and proof that it works)
  • Truth Bomb: I'm NOT the best proofreader. 
  • The #1 WORST mistake you can make as a business owner
  • what my dirty bathtub can teach you about priorities
  • how to avoid being a scam
  • it's not a weakness to admit THIS to yourself 
  • How many ducks does it take to start a business? (Yes; I said DUCKS.) 
  • my deep lunchtime experience with a household appliance
  • puppies, baths, and doing "the hard stuff"

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Feel free to hit reply and tell me! Just be nice about it. If you're a jerk, I'll just delete your email or make fun of you on Facebook -- or in a later email!

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