Freelance translator and interpreter turns her skills into a profitable work-from-home business and teaches others to do the same!

Jennifer Thome used to work in a corporate marketing job, and while she earned six figures, her days were very long and exhausting. At this point, she realized a change was in order for the sake of herself and her family.

With a background in German and Chinese, she decided to turn her experience in language into an online business.

Thome now does a range of things such as translation, transcription, and interpretation, and even has online courses available to teach others in this niche.

Freed from her draining marketing job, she can now set her own hours and enjoy more time with her children.

Read the transcript of the Work-At-Home Heroes podcast Episode 47 here.


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  • Congrats. Your story has boosted my resolve to teach courses on line and to use my educational background more effectively
  • Caitlin Pyle
    Thanks, Ettie! I'm so glad you're feeling inspired! I wish you all the best with your goals! You got this! :)
  • Take aways Best quote. “You’re lazy”. The energy it takes not to do something you could have started and maybe even finished it. A small step is better than none.

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