Former architect turned sculptor makes money from home while living off the grid and has never been happier!

Owen Fritts is a former architect, and during the recession his business took a huge hit.

After a diagnosis of skin cancer and flat-lining on the operating table during surgery, Fritts decided he didn’t want to go back to architecture anymore.

He received a clean bill of health, and today he spends his time doing sculpting work and building his shipping container home near the Ortiz Mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He loves his work and his earth-friendly lifestyle! Listen to Fritts’ full story here!

Read the transcript of the Work-At-Home Heroes podcast Episode 48 here.

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  • Dorothy
    Excellent interview with Owen Fritts! I live in Santa Fe and am inspired by what he's doing -- living off-grid, sculpting cool stuff, low overhead, no debt. Wow! Thanks, Caitlin!
  • Caitlin Pyle
    You're welcome, Dorothy! So glad you enjoyed the interview! :)
  • Take away Any step is a step forward

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