Facebook’s censorship is OUT OF CONTROL.

Facebook’s censorship is OUT OF CONTROL.
I wonder…
… how many more abuse survivors are they silencing?
Fortunately, I’m not an idiot.
I’m going to keep writing, but I will do so in a place where the Facebook Nazis aren’t censoring truth in the name of “safety” — and in the process driving the ignorant into a constant state of fear.
Treating an abuse survivor like an offender — or like a criminal — when she is FINALLY brave enough to speak up is counterproductive.
It is *CONTINUING* to abuse her.
It is CONTINUING to slap her in the face with “justification” and “reasons” indicating that she deserved what happened to her somehow.
And that exacerbates symptoms of Battered Wife Syndrome… especially if she is in Stage 2: Guilt, wherein the wife believes she deserved the abuse for some reason.
She didn’t.
Those who truly love the survivor will do what they can to be well-informed on what is *actually* going on — not search aimlessly for reasons to BLAME the victim.
Battered Wife Syndrome is a type of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
It is often misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder.
A misdiagnosis makes it easy to point fingers and imply that the woman “did it to herself” — i.e. deserved abuse.
And that is how, without even trying, out of sheer ignorance to what is going on, an abuse survivor’s entire family can start abusing her…
… by accusing her of abusing medical cannabis and that THAT is what caused the abuse and/or symptoms of PTSD she has exhibited
(even though she didn’t use cannabis for a full seven weeks without any issues; it is not an addictive plant)
… by denying the abuse repeatedly/never admitting it happened
… IGNORING the survivor altogether when she is brave enough to confront those who can help
… calling the cops on her just because you do not want to help her by testifying on her behalf (super cruel decision)
… by refusing to help the survivor when she is brave enough to ask for help (upon entering Stage 3)
This is the kind of shit Facebook likes to ban.
Don’t dare mention names; they’ll call it “bullying” — even if it’s true.
Free speech doesn’t exist anymore, folks.
Have you noticed?
I have.
You can find my writing on my blog: https://caitlinpyle.co/
AND JUST FYI, Facebook Gestapo… I own that website; you do not.
The truth will prevail, and you will not silence it just because you believe you’ve “purchased” the rights to police free speech in the process of purchasing every iota of information on mostly unsuspecting bystanders.
Darkness cannot overcome the light.


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