Dear Good People of America: This country is not WYSIWYG… like, at all

My face when someone tells me that “alcohol is not a drug” 😉

Dear Good People of America,

What if I told you that Morpheus (from The Matrix) was right?

What if I told you we really did live in a matrix?

But not like the digital matrix/video simulation that’s portrayed in the film; no… we live in a psychological matrix — also known as a web of lies — that governs our lives and shapes our understanding of what’s possible for us as human beings.

Hear me out. You come out on top in this; I promise.

We were born into this matrix.

We grew up in it.

It’s not our fault. It’s not our parents’ fault. Our parents’ parents learned from their parents, who learned from their parents… and so on.

Our short life spans make it easy to say, “This is the way we’ve always done it” in response to a complaint about something shitty in life.

It’s easy to say “We’ve always done it this way!” and believe that as the truth because, for our lifetime anyway, it has been true. You’ve always done it that way… your mom has always done it this way. The church has always done it this way…

and it’s true only as far as you know.

What about what you don’t know?

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you” is a LIE — what you don’t know always hurts you.

You just don’t know it yet.

That’s why “We’ve always done it this way!” is also the most dangerous phrase in human communication — in any language.

Most of what we think is true about the world… isn’t true at all.

We believe things are true, but we seldom know for a fact they are true.

There is a huge difference between believing something and knowing something.

We live in a world that trains us to ignore — or persecute! — women who stand up and speak the truth about domestic abuse… because we’ve been conditioned to believe that women are generally unstable and prone to “hysteria.”

We live in a world where we think it’s okay to let the government decide what and how we learn… because the university system and standardized testing seems super official and totally logical.

And we live in a world wherein when someone speaks out against the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality… they’re ridiculed, shunned, and even shamed for swimming against the current.

Why is this?

Most people don’t think for themselves. It’s too hard and it interferes with their “priorities” … working to pay the bills.

Did you know that we were put here to do MORE than pay bills and die?

We weren’t put here to worship the government by working ourselves to death every day… just for the privilege of paying our taxes.

How does it make you feel to consider that you actually have a purpose beyond feeding egos and wallets of the political and financial elite?

I hope it gives you courage. It should. Because you do have a purpose. You have power, purpose, and you are capable of more than you think.

Thanks to the internet, the world is literally a stage… a stage anyone can be on.

But instead…

Most people live by the old ideas of days gone by… as if ideas are monoliths.

Most people would rather give total control to someone else over their entire reality… rather than look at themselves in the mirror and figure it out.

Most people are actually content to let the government decide the course of their entire lives.

Government tells you to go to to school; you go.

Government tells you what to learn; you learn it.

Government issues you a loan for school; you pay it back for life.

Government tells you how much you can keep of your paycheck; you pay the rest to them without question.

WITHOUT QUESTION… we just do what the government says.

We do it because we’re afraid of what will happen if we fight back.

Millions of hearty, healthy sheep… allowing a far smaller group of stupid, scrawny old wolves to push us all around?

Why don’t more of us push back? Why don’t more of us DO MORE to solve the world’s problems — like donate profits at the end of the year instead of writing a large check to the IRS?

We have that choice, you know.

It’s all a choice.

We can choose who we become. We can choose what we do with our money. We can choose what we learn — and we can choose how!

We don’t have to “just do it.”

Most people actually believe whatever the government/your mom/your ex/your wife’s ex says… most people BELIEVE what they tell us is true — also entirely without question.


The government tells us, “This is the world! There’s nothing else. Me and my comrades can save it. You can trust us to keep your best interest in mind. Don’t vote for so-and-so, though.”

We say, “Okay! Thanks for the heads up.”

TRUTH? The government is hiding a REAL secret space program and has been for the better part of the last century.

The government says, “Cannabis sativa is an illicit drug that is dangerous to human health and will make you crazy like the Mexicans.”


:::Meanwhile, alcohol kills millions annually and nobody bats an eyelash:::

TRUTH? Cannabis saves lives. It saved mine. The government made it illegal because they wanted to figure out how to monetize it. Cue the manufactured “war on drugs” and the drug trade exploding at the same time. Alcohol, on the other hand, is POISON but heavily taxed so the government promotes it heavily.

The government says, “If we’re allowed to print as much money as we want, then you can earn as much of it as you want, too.”

We say, “YEAH! Who cares what the Constitution says. I want moar munny! MONEY IS MY GOD.”

TRUTH? It’s unconstitutional to issue any currency not backed by precious metals (gold and silver). Look it up!! AND the love of money is the root of all evil (greed).

The government gaslights us into believing that we HAVE to pay them for basic necessities.

Does anyone else realize how ridiculous it is that we have to pay for water and electricity and things that should be free to EVERYONE?

Seriously… solutions to basic human needs should not be a marketable commodity.

Government gaslighting is rampant. Just because somebody on TV says something is so… does not mean it is so. In fact, there’s a good chance what he/she is saying is a completely fabricated lie meant to fool us into continued compliance with their schemes.

Wake up, people! This place — Earth — is teeming with real criminals that do not like us. They call us “useless eaters” and believe we are here to serve them.

So what should we do?

We have to learn to think for ourselves. Turning on the news or scrolling Facebook or Apple News to “be informed” is a PASSIVE activity.

To think for ourselves, we must first LEARN for ourselves. That means independent research, fact-checking, digging in deep — far past the stuff we’re fed at the surface.

What you’ll find when you dig even a little bit past the surface is this: NOTHING is what it seems.

Knowledge, by itself, doesn’t give you power. It’s the action you take as a result of that new knowledge.

Learn something new? Think differently. Feel differently. Act differently.

That’s how it flows.

But if we’re always learning just what is put in front of us… that is us operating as if we were INFANTS.

The government spoonfeeds us.

The media spoonfeeds us.

Our Facebook Newsfeed spoonfeeds us.

Our families spoonfeed us.

Our churches spoonfeed us.

We’ve lost the ability to DISCERN truth from lies.

We’ve lost the ability to use our intuition (thanks to alcohol, fluoride, etc. calcifying our pineal gland!!).

The government — the WORLD government — has attempted to erase and rewrite the entirety of human history… and nobody even noticed.

Well, I noticed. And that’s why I decided to write this letter.

It’s NOT hopeless. We do NOT have to wait until the next election to make a difference.

All of us have the capacity to become influential. Just use your voice — combine it with your mind — and speak up for what is right.

What’s happening in our world right now…

  • the shootings
  • the murders
  • the riots
  • the abuse
  • the trafficking


And we don’t have to sit here and take it. It’s not productive to sit and talk about how wrong it is, either. Sitting here and reading this letter, quietly nodding to yourself, isn’t going to get us anywhere either.

What will? Our choices.

Every single choice puts you in control of your life… or keeps it in the hands of someone else.

Start small. If you don’t want to eat salad for lunch, don’t.

If you want to go for a walk after lunch, do it.

If you’re unhappy in your relationship, leave.

If someone stole something from you, do something about it.

If you see something, SAY something.

Don’t become an apathetic bystander in your own life. WAKE UP to what’s actually happening to you… and ask yourself, “Is this okay? Does it have to be like this? What would life be like if this shittiness didn’t happen anymore?”

Asking these types of questions gives you ANSWERS… options… choices… power.

In your choices, you have power.

What you see is not what you get. You are worth far more.

In truth and love,
Caitlin Pyle


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