A Letter to a Leaver

This is a letter I wrote to the parents of someone who hurt me very deeply recently. I write letters to keep myself grounded. I usually never send the letters because the people I write them to simply lack the frame of mind to process the truth. I operate from that standpoint these days; I […]

An old post from late October 2018

Found this hiding in my Google Drive… I wrote it on FB originally but I took it down from there. It’s good writing. I was definitely on to something BIG 🙂 I had no idea what would happen in the following six months! I had no idea I was being abused at the time or […]

When it comes to abuse, AWARENESS is the cure.

AWARENESS IS CURATIVE… When you know the REAL reason your life is a mess, you give yourself the power to see clearly again. And FYI… ALL TYPES OF ABUSE (financial, emotional, psychological, sexual *in addition to* physical abuse) happens without the influence of cannabis, Internet Geniuses. Abusers love to blame some external influence for their […]

Facebook’s censorship is OUT OF CONTROL.

Facebook’s censorship is OUT OF CONTROL.   I wonder…   … how many more abuse survivors are they silencing?   Fortunately, I’m not an idiot.   I’m going to keep writing, but I will do so in a place where the Facebook Nazis aren’t censoring truth in the name of “safety” — and in the […]

Legally Avoiding Taxes by Donating Company Profits

My life and work are the same now. That’s what it feels like to have faith, for me. Unwavering certainty that every dream you have — and every desire of your heart — will come true at just the right time. Looking back at these memories helps me remember who I am — and who […]

Running on Faith Alone

I am running my business with a lot of faith that God will continue to multiply my talents as I work to help others multiply theirs 🙂 And “FAITH” has nothing to do with religion, by the way. I’m not religious at all. Not even a little bit. Jesus Christ’s mission was to destroy religion… that’s […]
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