We Must Be Brave Enough.

We expect everyone to be understanding and compassionate towards us…   … but so many of us are too scared to say what we really think, share who we really are, and tell people what we really want.   And nobody can relate to you or let you know you’re not alone IF YOU DON’T […]

Love, Money, and Karma

Saturday morning wisdom and thoughts on love (and KARMA) <3 If you’re in a relationship where you’re earning all the money, but your partner hides it from you and does not allow you full access to the money you have earned … … it does not matter how nice your partner seems… … it does not […]

The Truth About John Forbes Nash, Jr.’s Beautiful Life and Mind

What happened to John Forbes Nash, Jr. (“A Beautiful Mind”) IS NOT as we’ve been taught.   John Forbes Nash, Jr. was not JUST an American mathematician who made fundamental contributions to game theory, differential geometry, and the study of partial differential equations.   He was a witness to higher dimensions in the spiritual world. […]

A Letter to a Leaver

This is a letter I wrote to the parents of someone who hurt me very deeply recently. I write letters to keep myself grounded. I usually never send the letters because the people I write them to simply lack the frame of mind to process the truth. I operate from that standpoint these days; I […]

Legally Avoiding Taxes by Donating Company Profits

My life and work are the same now. That’s what it feels like to have faith, for me. Unwavering certainty that every dream you have — and every desire of your heart — will come true at just the right time. Looking back at these memories helps me remember who I am — and who […]