We Must Be Brave Enough.

We expect everyone to be understanding and compassionate towards us…   … but so many of us are too scared to say what we really think, share who we really are, and tell people what we really want.   And nobody can relate to you or let you know you’re not alone IF YOU DON’T […]

Love, Money, and Karma

Saturday morning wisdom and thoughts on love (and KARMA) <3 If you’re in a relationship where you’re earning all the money, but your partner hides it from you and does not allow you full access to the money you have earned … … it does not matter how nice your partner seems… … it does not […]

Beyond the Façade: Exposing the Phony Exterior of a Narcissist

Look closer at that smooth talkin’ sumbitch. Is he truly what he says he is… or is it JUST WORDS? Once upon a time, I was fooled by the phony exterior of a narcissist. My “five senses test” failed me. How did that happen? Ignorance. I simply DID NOT KNOW about narcissism or gaslighting or how […]

How I Recovered from Depression I Didn’t Even Know I Had

Between 2016-2018, I was depressed.   REALLY depressed.   Nobody noticed… not even me.   Because I never had any thoughts of suicide, I didn’t know that it wasn’t okay to wake up sad every morning for “no reason.”   (Because I was oblivious to the reason.)   I didn’t know it wasn’t normal to […]

The Truth About John Forbes Nash, Jr.’s Beautiful Life and Mind

What happened to John Forbes Nash, Jr. (“A Beautiful Mind”) IS NOT as we’ve been taught.   John Forbes Nash, Jr. was not JUST an American mathematician who made fundamental contributions to game theory, differential geometry, and the study of partial differential equations.   He was a witness to higher dimensions in the spiritual world. […]

The Lost Lie: Exposing the Covert Manipulation of Gaslighting

A key ingredient in covert domestic abuse cases is a MASSIVE, insidious lie the abuser tells a victim’s friends and family to skew their perception of reality. This is called “gaslighting,” and it is one of the most sinister forms of psychological abuse and manipulation. Many states recognize it as a crime. Usually on a […]

What is “ABUSE”?

Abuse has the same root as the word “abnormal” … “ab.” Which means improper. ab-use. improper use. You’re being used. Which is improper in itself… but yeah, that’s what the VERB “abuse” means. If you’re being abused, you’re: — being taken advantage of — being neglected — being guilted into sex — being given diseases […]

GASLIGHTING is bullshit. Let’s talk about it.

Totally geeking out on researching gaslighting and its connection to PTSD, specifically following extended periods of extreme psychological abuse.   I even learned about this stuff in college, but it was always connected to PHYSICAL abuse (i.e. getting beaten).   What’s really surprising is that gaslighting involves so many people.   It creates a web […]
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