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Think affiliate marketing is a scam? Not if you do it right!

How I Earned $14,063 in 6 Days from 1 Affiliate Product

This post goes into great detail on the most profitable short-term affiliate promotion I’ve done since I started my first blog in November 2014. (And in this post about affiliate marketing, there are appropriately placed affiliate links — which means I may earn commission should you make a purchase based on something I recommend. Interested in learning […]

These 21 Motivational Books Will Help You Change Your Mindset

My least favorite feeling is feeling stuck. I could be stuck with personal growth, stale in my relationships, fresh out of ideas at work… the list is endless. The fear of remaining stagnant can be crippling. I’ve felt that way many, many times. Each time it feels like I’ll never overcome it, like I’m permanently drained of motivation. Know what I mean? […]

3 Work-at-Home Skills Courses with Affiliate Programs Bloggers Can Join

Almost everyone is looking to work from home these days. Many folks want to grow their at-home income to a full-time level, but filling out surveys and using Swagbucks just isn’t going to get them there.  Bloggers often promote these for the affiliate income, which is great because readers can make money doing these things. But promoting only the “easy” and “free” stuff […]

3 Ways to Find Affiliates for Your Online Course

This post may contain affiliate links. Do you have an online course? Me too! In fact, I’ve been selling online courses since February 16, 2015, and as of October 2016, my courses have generated more than $1.5 million in sales. Everyone wants to know the secret to my success, and although I have to say that […]

Excuses… or Self-Sabotage?

Let’s talk about excuses. Do you have a friend or family member who constantly makes bad choices, then asks you for advice? “Why doesn’t he ever text me back?” (maybe it’s because you’re making yourself way too available and you’re practically screaming “I’m desperate!”.) “I hate my job…” (…but you’ve done nothing to change it.) “Ugh, I am so out […]