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6 Months in, This Mom of 3 Earned 7x Her Investment: Joanna’s Story

Joanna Bradley is a marketing professional and full-time working mother of three. Working from home appealed to her, but she was convinced that she would never be able to realize it. After hearing about Work-At-Home School, Bradley’s husband saw her desire and agreed to her enrolling. Within six months, Joanna was running her own business […]

3 months in averaging $3K per month with FBA

Justin Thomas graduated the University of Nebraska in May 2017. As soon as he was done, he had a full-time job lined up. Thomas immediately realized that the 9-5 was not for him. He knew there must be an alternative, so he scoured the internet to find what he was looking for. After extensive research, […]

Niching down to scientific proofreading/copyediting

Melissa Kreikemeier started out as a forensic scientist which led to becoming a science teacher. After her third year of teaching, Kreikemeier became very frustrated with her employer, saying “I loved the work and my students, but it was not a positive work environment.” So she set out to find something she could do for […]

Making it happen, life is too short not to

Emily Milsom works remotely for a company called Tribal Impact helping other companies improve their employee advocacy programs. Emily always felt like there was something missing, so during her regular 9-5 she started a business selling vintage homewares. Although she loved the business she created, Milsom decided to call it quits, take her flexible lifestyle […]