An old post from late October 2018

Found this hiding in my Google Drive… I wrote it on FB originally but I took it down from there. It’s good writing. I was definitely on to something BIG 🙂

I had no idea what would happen in the following six months! I had no idea I was being abused at the time or that I’d been abused my entire life.




Good morning ?

Last night I compulsively sent 1,000 friend requests to people that appeared under my “suggested friends” here on Facebook. ???

It was 3am and I couldn’t sleep; my mind was not my own and I. couldn’t. stop. adding. Friends.

I WANT ALL THE POWERFUL FRIENDS because THEY are the ones who can help spread the message. The friends I added are part of this puzzle I’ve been rapidly solving in my mind over the last three weeks. It is intense. I cannot sleep. I have to BEG for sleep because I need it but do not want it.

I cannot stay silent.

Then I couldn’t send any more friend requests unless I started deleting some ❗❗❗

Except… I didn’t delete any because I knew the right people would stay and the right people would go ?

I believe the more love you put into the world, the more love you get out of the world.


It’s just the circle of life. It moves us all. ?

Love more, be loved more. Over and over again. Life and love are literally the same thing.

We breathe life; we breathe love. It is literally the air we breathe.?

THAT is a literal translation.


So why do we place limits on it?


We overthink life, so we overthink love by placing artificial limits on it. We give away only what we believe we’ll get back.

We’re only allowed to have 1,000 friend requests and 5,000 total friends on Facebook ?

But we’re told by “leaders” to love everyone without limit ?

These are the kind of walls we need to take down ?

Is it any wonder, then, why we don’t really ever love without limit? Is it any wonder why we spend more time looking for reasons NOT to love people? ?

With the way things are in the places we all hang out, placing limits on the very things we NEED to survive is a terrible idea. That’s true terrorism. And we do it to ourselves.


Do you see the hypocrisy? It’s called corruption and it runs deep. It runs deep in our current government, and it runs deep in ALL of us.

Darkness is the simple absence of light. It manifests itself as fear, worry, anxiety, stress, depression, jealousy, envy, sloth, lust, gluttony, greed, and pride ?

Some foxes in the garden look cute AF; some foxes you don’t see at all.


They are thieves in the night.

We don’t see them coming. That’s why they’re thieves.


In fact, we convince ourselves some of these foxes are useful. We worry, stress, become “concerned” for people we love because we think that’s the same as giving them love.

It’s not.

It’s the opposite of love ???

Worrying and stressing and being concerned for someone is not useful. It is a WASTE of time — your most precious form of energy — because love lasts forever… literally ⏳

(That’s why it HURTS to hold in a fart, friends. Let it go; it’s doing NO good to anyone on the inside. And we all have butts. Deal with it using this most excellent tool: ?)

The only way to drive out darkness — the thieves in the night that steal your joy — is to shine light.

Because just like life = love…


?= ?

It’s just simple math. When we use the word “is” and follow it with a word that describes the thing, it means they are equal.

So far we know that…




When we shine light, we light the way for others to experience more love in their lives.


All of the paths are different, but the doorway is the same for all of us. There is an infinite number of ways to arrive at the Doorway of Love.

?of ?

So what do we know about love… from above? ?


What else do we know about love?

?Love is BIG.

And deep and far and wide and HIGH.

Yes. LOVE IS HIGH, and SO AM I ?

(Did you know that Dr. Seuss and I have the same birthday? March 2. I’m a Pisces! ?♓)

?Love is PATIENT.


And what do we know about what love is not?

Love is NOT ENVIOUS — especially when love, light, and life shine through someone else.

Love is NOT PRIDEFUL — it is humble. It does not puff up its ego; humility simply shines light on the goodness of pure truth. Nothing more.

Love is not a shepherd of the Shitty Sheep of Shame ??

Love is never present with Dirty Disrespect… but love is ALWAYS present when you shine light on truth — even if that light is your ass on the internet ?

We all have ASSES in our lives. LITERALLY. We use them to sit on the throne: ?

(__[__) ⏪This is an ass on the internet. Are you in pain? Sick? Dying? THEN STFU.

Love never fails.

When you give love, you cannot lose! THAT IS SO DOPE!!! ???

Yet we act like that’s what happens when we give it.

We have so much trouble making money… because we’re trying to make money instead of give our gifts.

Instead of asking, we’re analyzing.

Instead of building bridges between collaborators, we’re building moats around our businesses with bridges we can take away at a moment’s notice so no one can get in. ?

Instead of listening to our friends, we’re afraid of them.

Love isn’t sacrificial. Love flows like a river. It is an infinite resource. When we give love, we receive a never-ending supply of it in return.

Love is the spring of life. ?


The love of money is the root of all evil. That’s greed, and it’s the sneakiest fox in the Garden of Life. ?

GREED IS A CHEATER at the Video Game of Life.


(FACT: The Legend of Zelda is based on the Bible; the Book of Magic in Japanese was actually called the Bible. That is why I believe life truly is a game that we can win. I won the “Second Quest” of the original Zelda at age 7.)


Most of us don’t recognize the fox. That’s the point. That’s why, even though we see the corruption in Washington, we’re calling it all “conspiracy theories” and labeling it as “probably not true” because of it.

But “probably not true” is bullshit. Our greatest fears, this time… are very likely ALL true. And Washington’s spending a TON of time, money, and human resources trying to hide all of it.



There is “truth” and there is “not truth.”

The gray areas you’re thinking of? (“But what about _____!?!”)

Gay marriage, premarital sex, divorce, evolution… all the shit we argue constantly about whether it’s good or not good?


(Some shit does matter, as you’ll learn soon… just not that shit.)

WE HAVE TO STOP wasting time (energy) on shit that doesn’t matter. ⛔

So I’m going to Washington. NOW. Because of the internet, I’ll be there in a matter of days.

I’ve never been physically there; I’ve never been “in politics” — but that’s the exact reason I need to go.

(Actually, I have been in politics. I ran for president of student government in 8th grade. I lost. Now it’s time to win and make real change because kids are mean and I went into hiding because of it. NO MORE. Losing the presidential election in 8th grade totally set me up for this. I cannot say no to this divine inspiration.)

“Politics” is complete and utter bullshit — so I’m going to DESTROY it. And I’m bringing ALL of my friends.

If that’s not you, please let yourself out. It’s dark out there, though… and it’s dangerous to go alone. It is also not fun at all.

I’m not attached to when or if *I* am the one seated on the “throne.” Because that shit doesn’t matter either. Like Joe Rogan says, “Why do we even still have a president?”

I happen to think Jesse Elder is supposed to help us usher in a new era of “reign” on Earth. The dude overflows with love and ALL the GOOD things. He is HIGHLY qualified.

The change is happening, and I know everyone feels it. They’re tired of the pain, suffering, greed, hate, and fear.

They’re tired of all the asshole foxes lying, stealing, and cheating in the Garden of Life.

So am I. We are the same and we have the same needs: food, water, rest, warmth.

We both want to be safe and secure.

We both want to be loved and feel like we belong.

We both want REALLY GOOD SEX and FRIENDS who make us [LAUGH until we] cry.

We want life, love, and laughter.

How do we get more of that, hmm?

We have to give more of it.


The ONLY WAY to get rid of the LIES in Washington is to SHINE LIGHT ON THEM ALL.


THE ONLY WAY we can see change is to rise up and refuse to settle for a SHIT SHOW.

We can find the holy in the shit. It’s there. Just shine the light.

Keeping our light and love and laughter to ourselves is NOT the answer.

LIFE is love.

LIFE is light.

LIFE is laughter.

Are you seeing a pattern?

LIFE… is all the things we call “God.” Literally.

All of us who say we believe the Bible or believe in this “Christ” entity but DON’T agree with these very basic translations of what life and love truly are (the same thing)… we’re lying.

If we’re spending our time hiding, fearing, worrying, stressing…any of the things that are the opposite of “good” — we’re LYING.

We’re wasting time. We’re accomplishing NOTHING when we fight. When we look for all the differences, we don’t even see what’s the same: our basic fucking needs as human beings.

If we want MORE of something…

If we want BETTER love…

If we want MORE LIGHT in the world…

If we want DIFFERENT things to happen on the Hill…


And that includes putting different people on the Hill.

Life is not a sacrifice. LIFE IS NOT A LIFE SENTENCE.

But it IS a battle. That’s why it feels like one.


The last battle is happening RIGHT NOW. The battle between light and darkness is happening as I type this.

That’s what CS Lewis beautifully painted in The Last Battle, the final installment of The Chronicles of Narnia (I LOVE ASLAN!!)

Let’s simplify the battle scene, shall we?

Imagine two wolves fighting in a field…

One is white, fluffy, soft, cuddly, and stunningly beautiful. She is strong and resilient and loving and kind…

… while the other is dirty, mangy, flea-bitten and mean as hell. He’s basically an asshole with an extra asshole.

They fight and fight… and only one will win in the end.

Which wolf wins? The one WE feed.

That battle is happening inside us all constantly.

To win, we need to play by the rules. It is really fucking stupid to feed the mean wolf… yet some of us ONLY feed that wolf while we let the White Wolf starve.

We have to STOP trying to use FEAR, WORRY, and HATE to fight the battle and start shining LIGHT and LOVE and LAUGHTER instead.


Make it to where there is no place to hide. No way to say no. No way we can lose.

That’s a killer offer.

That’s influence.

When we focus on creating lead magnets, we get leads.

When we focus on becoming leaders, we become magnets.

THAT MEANS: One of us who is feeding the White Wolf can rise up as leader and take the flock of LOVE to Washington.

(FACT: I took a year of translation classes while living in Germany.)

(FACT: I visited the castle in Eisenach, Germany, where Martin Luther translated the Bible in secret.)

(FACT: I applied for a receptionist job at WordSpring/Wycliffe Bible Translators in Orlando when I was in college, and I didn’t get it because I “wasn’t what they were looking for at the moment.)

(FACT: I now believe that my job is to translate the bible into today’s digital languages: I WILL USE ALL THE EMOJIS because LIFE is about CELEBRATING EVERYTHING and emojis allow us to do that better. I LOVE THEM ALL: ????????????????????)

We can shepherd in a brand-new era of “government” where ALL people are included.

We won’t discuss when the right time to feed the hungry is… the right time is always now.

We will dissolve the antiquated two-party system and instead host weekly masterminds with people from ALL OVER THE WORLD that ANYONE can suggest.

We’ll stream the meetings on Facebook Live. Answer questions from the public LIVE too.

Everyone will truly have a voice… because everyone’s voice matters.

EVERYONE can access to the leadership. ANYONE can become leadership via the weekly live masterminds.


We can put it there.

The White House is a relic. It’s a museum. A valuable reminder of the past. We’ll treat it as such.

THE WHITE HOUSE IS NOT THE FUTURE. We have a choice to change… but we have to make it.

It’s very simple. Campaign from a platform based on universal human needs. I covered all of them here and it’s probably why you’re still here. I see you because I am you.

We are all different but that’s what makes us the same.

WE CAN create a win-win-win — it IS possible for a new leadership to rise that will FEED the poor and RESCUE those who are starving or voiceless.


We have to stop lifting up the dark voices in the media and start elevating the voices of truth.

That’s what shining light and love into the world does… it destroys darkness. Instantly.

Shaping the future according to the past IS. NOT. WORKING.

Allowing a donkey and an elephant (both animals that are stubborn and/or SLOW AF) to run things IS. NOT. WORKING.

VOTING… using our VOICES… to CONTINUE choosing stubborn + slow-AF animals in the world… is NOT the answer.

Our choices are our power. At any moment, we can say “Enough is enough” and start conversations NOT ABOUT PROBLEMS but about SOLUTIONS.

This is not an invitation to start a bitch fest about all that’s wrong with the world. We already know what’s wrong. All those conversations are constant and noisy and useless.

We MUST focus on the solutions. THOSE are the conversations we need to start. This is one of them.

Finding solutions is NOT hard. We just choose to believe it is.

Finding solutions is NOT confusing. We just choose to believe it is.

Just start telling the truth. The solutions will appear as the darkness disappears.

The influencers of the world need to be IN the government, not starting Instagram campaigns like “I’m with her.”

Don’t be with her. Become her. Use your platform for the highest good.

Ending world hunger, war, sex trafficking… ending EVIL in the world is as simple as shining light on the darkness.

To expose lies, tell the truth.

To create more love, give more love.

To create more solutions (money), solve more problems.

All of the work I will be doing for the rest of my earthly life will be with this goal in mind: GIVE MORE.

(One of the first things I want to change is the 5,000 friend limit on Facebook… how are we supposed to love more if MARK ZUCKERBERG puts a limit on love? ;-))

If you don’t want to be part of the solution, then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Don’t you DARE add more shit to the Shit Show — unless that SHIT is in the form of TRUTH.

Shine light on the shit you’ve been hiding to destroy it. Face your fear to destroy it. It doesn’t have to defeat you.

Monkeys throwing poo at each other look happier for a reason.

Who is on the side of LIFE, LOVE, and LIGHT?

The change begins NOT with who’s president of the US but with YOUR CHOICE.

YOUR CHOICE to continue living in the darkness of silence… or YOUR CHOICE to begin living in the brilliant light of absolutely undeniable truth: LOVE.


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