6 Months in, This Mom of 3 Earned 7x Her Investment: Joanna’s Story

Joanna Bradley is a marketing professional and full-time working mother of three. Working from home appealed to her, but she was convinced that she would never be able to realize it.

After hearing about Work-At-Home School, Bradley’s husband saw her desire and agreed to her enrolling. Within six months, Joanna was running her own business called Mojo Marketing Plus and using knowledge learned from the courses to pay for her Work-At-Home School enrollment.

Her next goal is to grow her business to the point where she can leave her full-time job and work full time from home. Tune in to hear all the details!


Read the transcript of the Work-At-Home Heroes podcast Episode 37 here.


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Do you want information about Flea Market Flipper? Check out Robbie and Melissa Stephenson’s site to learn more. They’re also instructors in the Work-At-Home School where their amazing course, Flipper University, is available in the Committed Level package!


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  • I had a physical response to Joana saying, 'You don't have to know everything' - this is most certainly one of the biggest stumbling blocks for me - but, I didn't know anything about podcasting and I just dropped episode 57 this week... so I know I can overcome it! Thanks for sharing these stories!
  • Caitlin Pyle
    That's so true, Dawn! Thank you for sharing that with us. You don't have to be an expert to get started that's for sure. :)
  • Tawashia Sheffield
    Where is Work @ home School, and how much is it? How do I apply? Is it to open your own business or is to learn how to do customer service? I enjoyed the podcast, congrats on your success.
  • Caitlin Pyle
    Hi, Tawashia! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast. You can find more info about Work-At-Home School at workathomeschool.com. You can email my team at support@workathomeschool.com if you have any questions. :)

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