3 months in averaging $3K per month with FBA

Justin Thomas graduated the University of Nebraska in May 2017. As soon as he was done, he had a full-time job lined up. Thomas immediately realized that the 9-5 was not for him.

He knew there must be an alternative, so he scoured the internet to find what he was looking for. After extensive research, Thomas came across a business model of fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

He immediately identified an opportunity, immersed himself in finding out everything he could about it, and took action to build his own FBA business. In 2018 he’s scaling his business and helping people learn more about travel hacking and credit cards.

Listen in for all the details!


Read the transcript of the Work-At-Home Heroes podcast Episode 36 here.


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  • That was a great podcast, Caitlin. It's excellent that you interview a variety of entrepreneurs. Thanks.
  • Caitlin Pyle
    Thanks, Cheryl! Glad you enjoyed these inspirational stories! Hope you'll stop by again! :)

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