When did living become just about making money?

I started Proofread Anywhere and Work-at-Home School because I saw a problem.

People wanted to work from home or supplement their income. I had experience and I could help them reach those goals.

Before Proofread Anywhere, I was working my butt off to make $40,000 a year, and I thought that was as good as it would get, financially and otherwise.

I didn’t start out with loads of money… and I didn’t really seek it, either. My goal was to help people. My guess is that that’s your ultimate goal too. To help people and live life exactly how you want.

But so many people think it’s about making money.

They’ll message me and ask...

  • if I can send them money (seriously).
  • how to sell their stuff to more people so they can get more money.
  • how to manipulate others into buying their stuff at a higher price.

Money, money, money. 

But the secret they don’t know yet -- it’s not about the money.

Not really.
Money isn’t even real.
It’s a system built on trust.
Trust in banks, trust in the government, trust in other people.
It’s just meaningless paper or plastic.

But even though this currency isn’t actually real, it’s very real to most people because they’ve believed the lie that it’s all there is…
that it’s the key to a happy life.

And all the while, most people don’t realize that what they actually want isn’t money at all --
it’s what money represents.

They want the freedom to live exactly how they want.

They want to travel wherever they want and however they want.

They want the freedom to experience everything they want to experience in this brief life.

They want to feel like they’ve made some kind of difference in the world.

And to do that, they think they need money -- and lots of it. 

But what they really need to do is solve people’s problems.

I’m here to talk about things that matter.

Like people’s problems.

Like choosing love over money.

Like living a full life without being chained to a desk.

Like giving to causes that literally save the lives of children who are being exploited and sold into human trafficking.

Like learning how to help people who are dying in Yemen.

There’s so much more to life than making money or working from home.

Let’s change the world.