I’m a 30-year old self-made millionaire entrepreneur with ugly feet who gives no-nonsense, “swift kick in the butt” advice on how to get out of your own way, build skills, and create income — so you can live the life of your dreams.

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For most of BCP Media’s life, I’ve been known as “the proofreading blogger” and it had actually started to bug me — especially since I was getting so much traction in other areas of my business like investment projects, product creation, strategic alliances, and affiliate marketing.

My business had grown to multiple seven figures much, much faster than most of the “gurus” out there. I’d learned that many of these gurus’ claims to fame were from selling high-ticket coaching programs to teach people how to build a business selling high-ticket coaching programs.

(If you just went, “Huh?!” — exactly.)

Anyway, I thought that was icky. I do sell stuff, but it’s not your run-of-the-mill coaching program

Most people still thought of me as “the proofreading blogger” — some even thought I was still dependent on my income as a proofreader.

Turns out they only thought that because I’d told them no different. Few people knew I had grown out of my proofreading pants because I never told them! Even though I appeared on multiple podcasts, I seldom shared them.

Upon deeper analysis, I realized I was actually afraid of talking about my beyond-proofreading business success with my email subscribers and social media followers. I thought they would resent me for it.

But as I slowly started sharing more and more about my “behind the scenes” and details on what it took to get to all the places I’ve been — not just the proofreading-related places — nobody was mad.

(Sure; somebody probably got resentful, started sulking in the corner over it and whining about how life isn’t fair and that rich people are evil… but at least I didn’t have to hear about it :-))

In fact, as I started sharing more openly about my success as an entrepreneur and shedding the “I’m a proofreader” skin I’d been wearing since my early days, something crazy happened: people started responding positively!

Turns out that, just like me, many of my readers wanted to go beyond proofreading too! They wanted to learn about things like blogging, generating affiliate income, investing, and online marketing — all the things I’d mentioned occasionally but had been holding back on for fear that the people who’d been buying my courses would for some reason resent me for “making money off of them.”

(I’d overlooked the fact that my courses were teaching them to make money… lol)

So that’s why I moved my “official” blog from Proofread Anywhere over to CaitlinPyle.co — I’d put myself into a box for far too long — and it was time to get out and start sharing openly, frankly, and sometimes hilariously about what life was like for this 30-year-old self-made-millionaire entrepreneur with ugly feet and MAD proofreading skills.


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After getting fired in 2011, I built my skills into a $40k+/year income with a thriving freelance business. In 2014, I started my first blog; and in 2015 I launched my first online course which grew to six figures in just three months.



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